Factors driving the number of new Covid-19 infections in the US are plummeting
Covid-19 is retreating in America. The number of new infections every day has decreased, hospital admissions have decreased by nearly 50% in the past month. This is not due to the infrequent test as the proportion of daily tests in the area with a positive result decreases. Some pandemic statistics are vague, but the current decline in the number of Covid-19 infections is very clear.

What is behind these changes?

– Behavior:

Finally, Americans learned to wear a mask and isolate it from society.
It is worth noting that, in the spring, the southern and western states of the United States assumed that the worst impact of the first wave of infections had been avoided, so the governors refused to issue regulations. plan to wear a mask. Subsequently, the number of cases increased again in Texas, Florida and Arizona, and the number of people wearing masks in the south rose again. When the cases decrease, people are relaxed, the number of infections increases and the terrible things continue.

The lesson here is don’t let the good news of today turn into tomorrow’s bad news. Until the majority of the population is vaccinated, do not take the drop in Covid-19 infections a good indication for you to repeat behaviors in the time before a pandemic.
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covid-19 ở mỹ
Covid-19 in the US is showing a better sign


The corona virus is probably down at this time of the year.
Behavior cannot explain everything. Wearing masks, social isolation and other viral mitigation habits vary from state to state. However, Covid-19 is retreating across North America and Europe. Since January 1, the number of daily infections has decreased by 70% in the UK, 50% in Canada and 30% in Portugal.

Partial immunity

The corona virus needs bodies to survive and replicate, but now it has access to few suitable hosts. According to CDC estimates, 15-30% of American adults have been infected with Covid-19. Since people recovering from Covid-19 infection generally have immunity that lasts for at least a few months, the amount of antibodies in the US population may naturally limit the pathway of the corona virus.
Partial immunity in the most susceptible group of people may have narrowed the pathway of the original corona virus
This raises the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 (corona virus) causing the Covid-19 pandemic, is seasonal.

– Covid-19 vaccine

The number of Covid-19 infections began to decline in January, when virtually no one but medical staff had been vaccinated. So vaccines may not help us know why the number of infections is decreasing. However, it may tell us why hospital admissions are falling and why this rate is likely to continue to decline.

Covid-19 vaccines, especially the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, are particularly effective in preventing infection. However, preventing infection is not all a vaccine can do. Among symptomatic virus infections, vaccines reduce the time spent in hospital and reduce the likelihood of death to zero.

vacxin covid-19
vaccine covid-19

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