Product name: 3 layer Medical Face Mask

Color: White

Design: 3-layer.

  • Outer layer: Polypropylene nonwoven fabric.
  • Middle layer: High quality Filter Fabrics which was confirmed by International Certification Organization Kaken with BFE>99%, dust filter pm 2.5
  • Inner layer: soft, high quality non-woven fabric.

Packaging: 50 pcs/ box

Size: 175 x 95 (mm)

The salient features of the white medical masks

  • The filter cloth reaches BVP> 99%, so it can prevent bacteria, pathogens, harmful smoke …
  • The medical mask is designed with Omega texture so it is easy to breathe, does not stick to lipstick, very convenient to wear for girls.
  • Soft ear strap, does not cause ear pain when used for a long time.

1.The Kim Sora Mask obtained the following certification:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 – is the standard system for product quality management recognized worldwide. Any business whose products meet ISO’s set standards will be granted ISO 9001 certification. Upon obtaining ISO 9001 certification, it proves that the company has an effective and responsive quality management system. general international standards.
  • ISO 13485: 2016 – is the standard of management system applied in the field of manufacturing – trading medical equipment and materials.
  • FDA: is to monitor and evaluate the quality of food and pharmaceutical products in accordance with import criteria into the US or not.
  • CE: is a type of document indicating that the product has met the standards for health, safety and environmental protection under the laws of the European Union (EU) and will be circulated in the European Economic Area. Europe (EEA).

Kim Sora mask products are proud of being a reputable brand, quality and health safety for consumers. For products consumed domestically or exported, we all test and filter criteria that are certified by international organizations. To ensure and certify that, you should review the following criteria test:


BFE> 99
PFE> 99
VFE> 99

2. The test report is the test results issued by the testing institution as requested

3. Test result sheet – Kim Sora 3-class medical mask

4. Test result card – Kim Sora 4-class medical mask

5. Test result sheet – Kim Sora antibacterial 4-layer medical mask

test khẩu trang 4 lớp kháng khuẩn

6. Test report of 4 grades reaching level III

7. Kaken




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