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  • The success in business is not only thanks to quality products but also to the contribution and efforts of each employee.
  • Understanding this, Kim Sora Co., Ltd. always considers human resources as an important asset. Each member of Kim sora is always proactive, trying to learn, constantly striving to improve themselves, taking the Company’s culture as a guideline for all activities.
  • With high working speed, efficiency and discipline, which have been imbued in every action of employees, creating a synergy that has brought Kim Sora to great development in business activities. . Dedication and enthusiasm are not only outstanding features in work but also a typical culture of Kim Sora.
  • Kim Sora Co., Ltd. always creates a dynamic, creative and innovative working environment – where each member is promoted to their full potential, has opportunities for career advancement, and is always recognized for their contributions. for the development of the Company.
  • Kim Sora always “respects freedom and democracy”, “encourages initiative and creativity”, thus has built a dynamic, enthusiastic and committed young staff team. That has been shown through the standards at work, in the core values ​​of business activities.

Culture of sporty, entertainment, health care

After a stressful working time to recreate effective labor, connect with the members, motivate and always share with the brothers. Kim Sora builds a cultural environment of entertainment and healthy entertainment such as activities: Sports, literature, exchanges, sightseeing, tourism, periodical health check-ups, etc., which are regularly organized by the Union. regularly throughout the year based on the bonus and welfare fund of employees.