Kim Sora: Japanese Quality, Vietnamese Price – The Top Choice for Every Home

As an individual dedicated to the medical industry and the mission of providing high quality products, Kim Sora is proud to be a reliable medical processing and export partner. Below are special points that highlight Kim Sora’s superiority:

  1. Japanese Standard Quality and QTSX:

Kim Sora not only aims to produce Japanese quality products but also strictly applies the typical production process (QTSX) according to Japanese standards. This ensures that each product has all the necessary safety and effectiveness.

  1. Processing KTYT according to Request:

Kim Sora is not only an export processing unit but also a flexible partner, meeting all of “YOUR” requirements. My professional KTYT processing team is willing to create products according to your brand and specific orders.

We do not just stop at manufacturing products according to your requirements, but also actively participate in your product development process. Our professional team and many years of experience are ready to support you from the initial idea, to research and development, making your product not only unique but also meet the exact needs of the market. school.

  1. International and Safety Certification:

With international certifications such as ASTM F2100-19, ISO 13485:2016, FDA Registration, and CE Registration, Kim Sora is committed to ensuring high safety and compliance with international standards.

  1. Vietnamese Price, Japanese Quality:

Kim Sora brings product quality according to Japanese standards but at reasonable prices, helping ” YOU ” save costs while still ensuring high quality.

  1. National Distribution System:

Kim Sora’s nationwide distribution system responds quickly and on time to all of “YOUR” needs, ensuring that products are distributed to the right places and at the right time.Recruiting distributors and wholesalers of medical masks in Quang Tri - Kim Sora Co., Ltd

Kim Sora, as part of “YOU “, commits to accompanying and contributing to the success of every project with quality, prestige and professionalism.

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