Participate in Kim So-ra’s “SAGONFABRIC SUMMER 2023” fair and receive gifts

Today, we live in an open society, and the integration of the global economy is essential for the survival and development of countries.
This is both an opportunity and a challenge, as it creates a highly competitive environment. At the same time, KIM SORA always pursues true value, provides consumers with the best quality and price products, and dreams that KIM SORA will become the top brand in the field of clothing and medical masks, and only domestic It is widely known in the international market.
Join Kim Sora for the “SAIGOFABRIC SUMMER 2023” fair when you come to the SAIGOFABRIC SUMMER 2023 EXHIBITION with the theme “Trade connections and trade connections with raw material suppliers and brands”.
– An exhibition dedicated to the textile industry “International Textiles and Raw Materials, Machinery and Equipment” will be held in the city. In Ho Chi Minh, featured products are participating, including a collection of the most popular clothing and masks on the market.
– Come to KIM SORA’s booth, customers and visiting partners will experience the latest and greatest products on the market.
– Kim Sora always follows the standards of “European Style – Japanese Quality – Affordable Price” to provide consumers with the best quality and price products.
– Dear partners, please visit Kim Sora’s booth and we will introduce you to new products made from fabric materials produced using Kim Sora’s special deodorizing technology.
– Themed “Trade Connections”, this exhibition is a valuable opportunity for potential suppliers and clothing brands from all over Vietnam to meet, interact and build sustainable cooperation relationships.
– This event helps customers and visiting partners have a memorable experience with the latest and most trending products on the market today.
KIM SORA hopes that our customers will experience Japanese standard products and services. We will also introduce to our partners fabric materials produced using KIM SORA’s special deodorizing technology.
If you would like to obtain further information or order a product, please contact us directly via FANPAGE.

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