WRAP Certification – Passport for Textile and Garment Enterprises in the Time of Integration

WRAP Certification – Passport for Textile and Garment Enterprises in the Time of Integration

In the article below we will provide some information about the world’s largest independent certification program focusing on the field of apparel, footwear and sewing products (WRAP).

1. What is WRAP?

WRAP stands for Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production – the name of the organization that recognizes social responsibility in global production, focusing on the fields of apparel, footwear and apparel products.
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The WRAP program evaluates compliance with WRAP’s 12 principles to ensure safe, legal and ethical manufacturing processes.
Comply with applicable laws and regulations
Prohibit the use of forced labor
Prohibit the use of child labor
Harassment and abuse are prohibited
Salary and benefits
Work time
Discrimination is prohibited
Occupational safety and hygiene
Freedom of association and collective bargaining
Comply with tariff regulations


2. Benefits of Applying for WRAP Certification and Being Certified:

WRAP certification will help factories improve their reputation and build trust among workers, customers, partners and other interested parties.
WRAP certification will affirm the commitment of the top leadership of the unit and organization to apply, maintain and regularly improve the occupational health and safety management system of workers to ensure Workers have the right to work in a safe environment, ensuring necessary and health conditions to improve the quality of work to meet requirements.
WRAP certification is evidence that helps an organization meet the legal requirements for responsibility requirements with production workers, who are low status and vulnerable in society, protected.
Manufacturers that obtain WRAP certification will help enhance their image, corporate culture and brand.
Improve product and service competitiveness as a condition for providing. Many businesses that receive WRAP training will work more productively and bring greater efficiency.
WRAP certification is a passport for goods that can be exported to European regions: USA, UK…. And developed countries prioritize human rights first

3. Three levels of WRAP certification:

There are three levels of WRAP certification – Platinum, Gold and Silver.
Certification is issued to a facility as determined by WRAP and depends on the extent to which an audit demonstrates full compliance and management commitment to the WRAP Principles.
Platinum certification is awarded to facilities that have demonstrated full compliance with WRAP’s 12 Principles in three consecutive certification audits. Platinum facilities must successfully pass every audit without corrective action or observation and maintain continuous certification with no gaps between certification periods. Certification is valid for 2 years.
Gold certification is the standard level of WRAP certification, awarded to facilities that demonstrate full compliance with WRAP’s 12 Principles. Certification is valid for 1 year.
WRAP may issue, or a facility may request, a Silver certificate if an audit finds it in substantial compliance with WRAP’s 12 Principles, but identifies minor non-compliances in policies, procedures or training must be addressed. Certification is valid for 6 months.

4. Kim Sora was honored to receive WRAP Certification

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To meet export requirements to major markets around the world such as the US, Europe, etc. Kim Sora has made great efforts to achieve WRAP certification, demonstrating compliance with social responsibility and management standards. quality of Kim Sora factory.
Kim Sora’s garment products are produced according to a closed process and quality management according to Japanese standards, ensuring that all products have the same quality. As a manufacturer operating in the international market, the main export markets are Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Switzerland, America…. we hope to bring consumers products that meet standards. Quality standards according to “Japanese standards – European style – Affordable prices”.
Please contact Kim Sora immediately for advice and to order today. Email: sales@kimsora.com.vn

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