Vietnam’s current international garment export standards

Vietnam’s current export garment standards

Enterprises producing and trading garments need to export large batches of goods to international markets but do not clearly understand the standards and criteria for evaluating products of export quality?

In this article, Kim Sora will share with customers about Vietnam’s current export garment standards. At the same time, we also point out our own strengths in price, reputation, product quality and the certificates that Kim Sora has achieved to meet international export requirements.

What is the production and export situation of Vietnam’s textile and garment industry?

In our country today, the textile industry is increasingly playing a key role in the national economy. It not only serves the increasingly high, rich and diverse needs of people but is also a profession that helps Vietnam ensure jobs for many people in society and contribute more and more to the national budget. national policy, creating conditions to promote the economy to gradually develop in the most positive and positive direction.
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In recent years, the textile industry has made great strides. The industry’s average growth rate is about 30%/year, in the export sector the average growth rate is 24.8%/year and accounts for 20% of the country’s total export turnover.
Up to now, the whole country has about 822 textile and garment enterprises, of which 231 are state-owned enterprises, 370 are non-state-owned enterprises and 221 are foreign-invested enterprises.
Vietnam’s largest textile and garment export, accounting for about 34%-38% of Vietnam’s total annual export turnover.
Textile and garment products exported to Japan have enjoyed preferential tax rates under the GSP system, so textile and garment export turnover to this market has increased quite rapidly in recent years, the country’s market share of woven and knitted goods. in Japan’s textile and garment market are 3.6% and 2.3% respectively, export turnover accounts for about 30% of textile products.

Standards for evaluating and inspecting Vietnam’s garment exports to other countries

1. Basic shape, model and size requirements

Shape: The shape of the clothing must match the design style and have good aesthetics. For multi-layer clothing, the internal shape must also be consistent with the product design.
Basic models and sizes:
Popular clothes are produced according to the exact models and sizes specified in standards at all levels or contracts.
Allowable deviations in size for clothes with 2 or more layers
Technical requirements
Requirements and standards for exported garments for raw materials and accessories:
Main fabric: Fabric must ensure good quality, have mechanical – physical – chemical criteria in accordance with regulations in standards at all levels or according to standard samples signed in the contract.
Construction fabric: Adhesive construction fabric or non-adhesive construction fabric must have color, shrinkage and thickness consistent with the color, shrinkage and thickness of the main fabric.
Lining fabric: The body lining fabric must have a color suitable for the main fabric and have appropriate physical and chemical properties so as not to affect the size and style during product use. The lining fabric in other positions may have a different color than the fabric, but still meets the requirements of matching the main fabric.
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Decorative materials, threads, buttons, stickers, zippers, labels,…: must achieve the aesthetics and design intent of the garment, high durability, good quality, and appropriate size or according to the contract.

3. Requirements on labeling, packaging and preservation of goods

Labeling and packaging:
The requirement to export garments to China, the EU, etc. is that each product must have a woven or printed label with the following content: size number, production unit symbol, name of exporting country, and instructions for use. Label content can be recorded according to the agreement in the contract.
In addition to the woven or printed label, there can be an additional cardboard label that states: product type, material composition, color, size, quality, name and address of the manufacturing facility.
Woven or printed letters on labels must be clear and straight.
The product must be folded and balanced, pinned and clamped according to regulations.
Each product is contained in a PE, PP bag or according to other customer requirements.
The number of sizes and colors of products contained in a box and the number of boxes in a box are according to standards at all levels or according to the contract.
Each box must have a packing slip affixed to the top corner of the box. The content of the slip is as follows: Product code + Quantity + Product name and specifications + Weight both wrapped and unwrapped + Date, month, year of packaging. The outside of the box must be securely braced to ensure safety during transportation.
The outside of each box must be clearly marked with the following content: Name and address of the exporting facility + Name and address of the importing facility + Receiving address + Contract number and shipment number + Model and order number Order of goods in batch + Weight of both tare and untare + Preservation code.
KIM SORA exports garments internationally

Kim So’s garments to meet requirements and standards for export to international markets such as the US, Japan… product quality processes according to Japanese standards.

Commitment to quality is always the top priority, responding promptly and quickly, exceeding customers’ expectations, with a team of professional, dynamic, creative staff and advanced machinery systems. up.
We strive to become the leading garment manufacturing company in the country with high quality and competitive prices.
In addition, Kim Sora achieved a WRAP rating, demonstrating the factory’s compliance with social responsibility and quality management standards.
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