Kim Sora – Processing reputable quality garment products for export

In today’s world, the garment industry is becoming an important sector, especially as the demand for high quality export products is increasing. Kim Sora is a reliable partner in the field of export garment processing, bringing uniqueness and unlimited quality.

1. Top Quality

Kim Sora is proud to be a garment processing unit with high Japanese quality standards, ensuring that each product is meticulously cared for from design to production. With a professional team and many years of experience, we are committed to providing products with outstanding quality, meeting all the most stringent requirements from customers.

2. Dynamic and Creative Team

At Kim Sora, we understand that creativity is the key to creating unique products and attracting customers. We constantly innovate and create to bring the latest designs, reflecting market trends and meeting the diverse preferences of global customers.

3. Flexible Processing Service

With modern production equipment and the most advanced quality management system, Kim Sora can quickly respond to all export garment processing orders. We are flexible in processing different types of products, such as labor protection clothing, medical clean room items, restaurant & hotel uniforms, air conditioning shirts… ensuring customers receive diversity and Flexibility in service.

4. Commitment to Reputation and Safety

Prestige is not only our commitment but also our dedication. Strict quality control processes ensure that each product not only meets the highest safety standards but also reflects Kim Sora’s reputation and professionalism in every aspect.

  1. Vietnamese Price, Japanese Quality: Cost Efficiency

We not only deliver quality according to Japanese standards but also do this at reasonable prices. Kim Sora is not just a partner, but a companion in saving costs while ensuring top quality.

With our nationwide distribution system, we are not only a bridge, but also a flexible choice for all partners. Kim Sora ensures every product arrives at the right place and at the right time, creating favorable conditions for your business process.


With the mission of bringing perfect solutions to customers, we believe that your satisfaction will be the greatest driving force for our success. Please contact Kim Sora today to discover more about cooperation opportunities and experience the uniqueness of each product!

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