kim sora


Number Position Quantity Wage Job Requirements
1 Accounting Intern 2  

– Internship opportunity at Kim Sora Co., Ltd

– Mentored by a team of experienced “seniors” – Opportunity to become a full-time employee right after the end of the internship

2 Bussiness Staff   7 million
– Search, build and develop a network of domestic and international customers.
– Negotiating with customers, signing contracts, handling inquiries,…
– Manage international orders (For positions requiring foreign languages).
3 Import-Export Staff 2 7 – 9 million

– Complete import and export procedures, customs declaration documents, C/O documents.

– Responsible for managing, making customs declarations, composing and checking documents, submitting C/O, etc.

4 General Accounting 1 8-10 million

– Minimum 3 years experience.

– Mastering accounting operations, knowledge of analyzing, synthesizing data and writing reports.

5 Order Management 1 8 million

–Receive information about orders from customers in Japanese

– Translating into Vietnamese and sending it down to the production engineering department

– Follow up with production from the beginning to the end of the goods and handle problems arising during the working process.

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