Kim Sora Company Limited Contributes to VTV8 Reportage Program “Poverty Reduction Through Consensus”

Kim Sora Company Limited is honored to participate in the VTV8 reportage with the topic “Poverty Reduction Through Consensus.”

This presence proves the company’s important role in contributing to socio-economic development. This article will help you better understand Kim Sora Co., Ltd. and its contribution to this program.

Kim Sora Company Limited, a reputable brand in the field of export medical mask production and export garment processing, has proven its strength and potential when selected as one of the leading enterprises. recently appeared in the program “Poverty Reduction Through Consensus” of VTV8 television station. Thereby, Kim Sora Co., Ltd. is proud of its great contributions to helping people in Nam Dong district find jobs, reduce poverty and improve quality of life.

Kim Sora’s Continuous Development

Besides, Kim Sora Co., Ltd. also constantly develops a variety of Japanese quality products – For Vietnamese consumers. Please visit to update the latest information about the company’s products and programs.

Kim Sora Company Limited is honored to participate in the VTV8 reportage “Poverty Reduction Thanks to Consensus” which is a testament to the company’s development in contributing to creating jobs for people in Nam Dong district. We want to help and ensure an increasingly better and prosperous life for everyone.

Through this article, we hope you will have a clearer view of Kim Sora Co., Ltd.’s efforts in bringing good values and contributing to the country’s socio-economic development. .

All of our customers’ support and companionship is the driving force for us to continue to develop and contribute to the community.

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