Recruiting distributors and wholesalers of medical masks in Cao Bang

If you are looking for a source of high quality medical masks in Bac Lieu to connect with distributors, wholesalers, and agents, then this is the article for you.
Kim Sora is known as a manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler of medical masks in Bac Lieu with the best price and best quality.
With many years of experience in the field of manufacturing, exporting and distributing medical products since 2015, Kim Sora Company’s staff is always ready to advise and support you in choosing products that suit your needs. your request.

Let’s find out why Kim Sora medical mask is the best choice:

I/ Modern and closed production process

II/ Quality of medical mask products meets export standards:

Advanced machinery system process. All raw materials are strictly tested before being put into production. Kim Sora masks integrate all three functions: waterproof, dust and bacteria filtering to avoid respiratory diseases. Absolutely protect consumers’ health.
Kim Sora is committed to providing consumers with quality mask products and is the leading reputable distributor and wholesaler of medical masks in Bac Lieu.

Outstanding uses help Kim Sora Medical Mask become the top choice

The quality of the mask meets export standards with high-performance filters: BFE ≥ 99%, PM 2.5. Prevents most types of dust, bacteria, and viruses that cause respiratory diseases.
The strap is soft and sturdy, made from polyester and spandex fibers with good elasticity and does not cause discomfort when worn.
The Japanese Omega pleated mask design provides ventilation, ease of breathing, and comfort when worn while still hugging the face tightly.
High quality non-woven fabric, no unpleasant odor, no skin irritation.

III/ Optimal distributor agent policy for partners:

We are looking for partners who are passionate about business and want to bring consumers high quality products that are guaranteed for their health.
When cooperating with Kim Sora, Distributors and Agents will enjoy incentives based on sales volume and exclusive registration areas. Quality products have been favored by consumers, trusted by easy distribution and profit.
✅ Good policies, clear mechanisms, regional exclusivity
✅ Pharmacy standard medical examination, full product inspection, invoice, clear origin.
✅Product catalog with diverse colors, sizes, many choices.
✅Support communication materials and continuously updated product knowledge.
In addition to distributing high-quality medical masks under the Kim Sora brand in the domestic market
We also accept OEM and ODM processing for domestic and international brands.
With a variety of designs, colors and standard quality
Kim Sora is confident in best meeting the strict requirements of quality and specifications for international partners.
✅ Kim Sora is proud to pass the following product inspections:
+ ASTM F2100: Level 2, Level 3 and FDA certificate for the US market
+  EN 14683: Type II, Type IIR and CE certificate for the European market
+ JIS T 9001: BPV > 99 for the Japanese market
+ TCVN 8389-1 for the Vietnamese market.
✅ Factory system meets quality management standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016
With quality products and reasonable prices, Kim Sora is a trusted brand and is trusted and chosen by many customers including pharmacy chains, supermarket chains, and hospitals across the country. Please contact this distributor for advice and to order today.

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