Kim Sora accompanies her children “TO SCHOOL DURING THE Pandemic”

On the morning of December 6, 2021, representatives of Kim Sora Co., Ltd.; Giving masks to students at Phu Dong Primary School – Da Nang City..

The program aims to share and propagate to everyone; Especially children are not subjective even though the epidemic is still under control. At the same time, the program aims to motivate teachers; together with school staff have more motivation; overcome difficulties and complete teaching tasks; Covid-19 epidemic prevention.
Hopefully as soon as possible; The epidemic situation is controlled so that all students can go to school and participate in learning in the best conditions; safest, and at the same time return the joy and innocence of the children during recess with the teacher; her and her friends.
Sincerely thank the School Board of Directors; The teachers and staff created favorable conditions for Kim Sora Company to give Kim Sora premium children’s masks to the students.
Please protect your health and join hands to repel the COVID-19 epidemic.

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