Is the “Covid-19 arm” reaction after vaccination worrying?

Pain and swelling at the injection site are common reactions to mRNA technology Covid-19 vaccines such as Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech; called a reaction after Covid vaccination in the arm; or “Covid arm”.

What is the “Covid arm”?

Covid arm post-vaccination reaction – or “Covid arm” is an immune system reaction that some people experience after receiving the Moderna vaccine.
Pfizer-BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine may also cause this post-injection reaction at a lower rate. This post-injection reaction has not been detected in Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Vaccine.
This is a slow-acting hypersensitive skin reaction that occurs on or around the vaccine injection site; appears after a few days to 1 week or longer after the first or second injection.
According to research on people experiencing this condition, it shows; “Covid arm” symptoms usually appear about 7 days after the first shot, 2 days after the second shot.
Post-injection reactions in the arm include: Itching, possibly severe itching; red rash or discoloration of the skin around the injection site of varying sizes. In some cases, the rash may spread to the hands or fingers; swelling, pain; the skin in the injection area feels warm to the touch; Hard lumps appear under the skin at the injection site…

Why does the “Covid arm” phenomenon occur?

“Covid arm” is believed to be an overreaction of the immune system. It shows that the body’s immune cells are reacting to the muscle cells; where mRNA technology vaccines have been absorbed.
The Covid-19 mRNA vaccine helps the body create the S protein of SARS-CoV-2. In some cases, this causes the immune system to identify an infection that needs to be eliminated; leads to excessive immune response; causes signs of Covid arm.
Currently, the Covid-19 mRNA vaccine is still very new, so we still do not know clearly about the exact mechanism that causes Covid arm symptoms. Scientists around the world are continuing to research this sign.
Covid arm symptoms usually last 3 to 5 days. This condition will not progress to the point of being life-threatening; or any serious allergic reaction and also not related to post-injection anaphylaxis.

Should I self-treat?

First, we need to clearly understand two issues:
– Treating the “Covid arm” will not reduce the immune system’s response to the injected vaccine.
– The condition of “Covid arm” after the first injection is not a reason to delay or contraindicate the second injection (for Covid-19 vaccines that require 2 injections). A second injection is necessary to get the best immune effect.
Although not serious, “Covid arm” can cause discomfort and inconvenience to the person experiencing it. Therefore, some home treatments help relieve pain, swelling and itching:
– Apply cool compresses.
– Use topical steroids.
– Use local pain relievers.
– Use oral antihistamines.
– Use pain relievers; such as acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
See a doctor or call the vaccination staff in case the signs are severe or last too long.

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