Kim Sora Company donated nearly 60 thousand medical masks to Quang Binh

On November 5, through the connection of the Industry and Trade Newspaper, Kim Sora Co., Ltd. gave the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Quang Binh province nearly 60 thousand medical masks and 150 Covid 19 Ag Genbody test kits; worth nearly 70 million VND.

On the same day, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Quang Binh province coordinated with the sponsor; The unit organized and gave Le Thuy District General Hospital 10,000 medical masks; gave 10,000 medical masks to Vietnam Cuba Dong Hoi Hospital; gave 10 thousand medical masks to North Quang Binh General Hospital, gave 5 thousand medical masks to Quang Trach District Medical Center; gave Quang Binh CDC Center 5 thousand masks and Covid 19 Ag Genbody Test Kit.
In addition, the delegation gave thousands of medical masks to a number of medical stations in Quang Binh province…
At the giving and receiving of medical supplies; Mr. Truong Van Hoi – Permanent Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front of Quang Binh province said; Up to now, the province has focused on controlling and basically controlling the epidemic. The work of epidemic prevention in recent times has received support from many resources; including businesses and philanthropists. The support of Kim Sora Co., Ltd. is a timely and necessary source of encouragement; Showing solidarity in the fight against the covid-19 epidemic.
Giving gifts at Northern Quang Binh Regional General Hospital
At the handover point to Le Thuy General Hospital, Doctor Phan Van Hoi – Deputy Director of Le Thuy General Hospital shared.
Currently, the hospital is treating a number of F0 and F1; During this difficult period, the hospital representative acknowledged the support and contributions of Kim Sora Co., Ltd. and Industry and Trade Newspaper; has provided support to the unit during this period.
Giving gifts at Vietnam – Cuba Friendship Hospital Dong Hoi
Senior Doctor Duong Thanh Binh – Director of Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Hospital Dong Hoi said:
Recently, the covid 19 epidemic situation in Quang Binh has become complicated; There are many patients treated however, with the efforts of all levels of government; Departments and support from organizations and individuals have worked with the hospital to control the situation. According to Dr. Binh; The gift that Kim Sora Co., Ltd. and Bao Cong gave this time has great meaning; Encourage hospital staff and patients to be more determined to overcome the epidemic; better care for patients.
Giving gifts at Quang Trach District Medical Center
Representative of Kim Sora Company, Ms. Cai Thi Tam – CEO of the Company said:
During the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak across the country; The company has proactively planned to produce and supply products; has just supported medical supplies, medical masks, protective clothing, and Covid test kits for patients and doctors on the frontline against the epidemic in some central provinces. With the connection of Industry and Trade Newspaper – Central Region Office; This gift giving trip in Quang Binh area aims to contribute a little effort of Kim Sora Co., Ltd. to the epidemic prevention work of Quang Binh province and wants everyone to join hands; united to overcome the covid-19 pandemic.
According to representatives of receiving units, the support of units and businesses such as Kim Sora Company is a great source of encouragement for Quang Binh to control and contain the Covid – 19 epidemic.
Kim Sora Co., Ltd. was established in 2015; Recently, it has affirmed its position in the garment and medical mask industry exported to countries such as Japan, Taiwan, America and Europe…
Source: Industry and Trade Newspaper

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