Happy 6th birthday to Kim Sora

Today marks the 6th anniversary of establishment and development of Kim Sora Co., Ltd. (September 25, 2015 – September 25, 2021).
Going through a journey with so much passion and enthusiasm; In recent times, Kim Sora has affirmed its position and brand in the field of public health care; Proud to be one of the reputable companies manufacturing and processing garments and medical masks for export in Vietnam; Trusted and chosen by domestic and foreign customers.
Although there were difficulties in the process of formation and development; There were failures, but beyond that, the Board of Directors and all employees, Kim Sora, still tried their best and never stopped thinking. Then today, on the occasion of the Company’s 6th anniversary; Kim Sora family member was extremely emotional when looking back on the recent journey of construction and development.
6 year journey for formation and development.
A period of time that is not too long but carries great meaning for Kim Sora; marking each milestone of the Company’s maturity. At each milestone, the company was fortunate to receive companionship; cooperation and development of customers nationwide. That is the great source of motivation that helps Kim Sora overcome difficulties and challenges; to accomplish common goals.
With the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in the field of garment and mask production; The company always focuses on improving the quality of products and services. This is the core value of Kim Sora. Understanding this, from the Board of Directors to each employee, we are always more dedicated in each job; Be more careful in every decision and more professional in every operation. Regardless of our position, we always respect and fulfill our commitments to customers; Meet the increasing demands of consumers with “QUALITY – PRESTIGIOUS – SAFE & EFFICIENT” products.
6 years of journey, 6 years of new developments. Happy birthday Kim Sora.

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