Mid-Autumn festival in Covid season: Online lantern procession, online feasting

Mid-Autumn Festival carries lanterns to go out. But that’s every year, not 2021! Hopefully we will all celebrate Tet reunion in a special but safe way.
Mid-Autumn; An occasion when children cling tightly to their parents’ hands asking to buy toys, the streets are red with lanterns and fragrant with the smell of sticky rice cakes and baked goods, an occasion when members gather together to have fun.
This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is so special that next year many people will want to forget; On the map of the provinces and cities, there are still green areas, red areas, and orange areas to mark areas that still have the shadow of the evil Corona virus.
Please comply with the request “whoever stays where they are”. Gifts for grandparents, siblings… have to ask the shipper to help deliver them.
The children’s parents ordered lanterns from online markets. On the reunion day, we met on Facebook, through video call applications… and then sang the song “Tung Dinh Dinh, Tung Tung Dinh Dinh”… to carry lights around the small room. Out of sight but not out of mind!
The season of reunion and Tet is when thousands of people in all corners of the country do not need to worry; Even more difficult because of the epidemic, when all the children who have been away from home can return home! Let’s sacrifice a little so the whole country can be safe! Wishing everyone the word “peace”!
On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival, Kim Sora Co., Ltd. would like to wish our customers; Partners and all employees always have good health and happiness with relatives and family.

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