Tips to fix a suddenly broken mask strap

3 ways to quickly fix mask straps if they suddenly break.
Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic; People will be conscious of wearing masks when going out. However, what to do if the strap of the mask is broken?
Join Kim Sora to learn methods to fix mask straps if they suddenly break!

1. Repair with needle and thread

Prepare needle and thread; Press the broken end of the protective wire onto the mask and secure with sewing thread. After the mask is repaired; you can continue to use it. If you want to prevent the other ends of the rope from breaking again; you can sew one end at a time.

2. Repair with a lighter

When the mask strap is broken; We can use a lighter to burn the mask strings. Then place the burned mask strap back to the mask’s original position; Use the bottom of the lighter to press in. By this way; The rope of the mask can be firmly fixed on the mask; Solve the troubles of many people.

3. Replacement rubber band

If the protective strap of the mask is broken; You can replace it with a rubber band; Use elastic bands to tightly secure the top and bottom edges of the mask; then wrap the rubber band around the base of the ear. If the wire breaks in the middle; Please tie the rope with a rubber band and secure it before use.

Notes when using masks:

You should pay attention to the shelf life of the mask when regularly wearing it; In general, the shelf life of regular masks is 2-3 years; You should not use expired masks because it will reduce the protective effect. Always wash your hands before and after wearing a mask to avoid bacteria from getting inside the mask. When wearing a mask; Do not pull too hard to avoid breaking the mask strap.
Don’t throw away your mask if the string breaks; Because with just a few simple methods, it can be easily repaired and solve many of your problems.

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