Kim Sora masks exported to Japan

Millions of 99% antibacterial medical masks of the Vietnamese brand Kim Sora were exported to Japan; Protect public health from the risk of Covid-19.
As the leading manufacturer of masks and medical protective equipment in Vietnam; Kim Sora has a list of demanding export partners such as Japan, Taiwan, Europe, America;… in parallel with the distribution segment for domestic hospitals.
Having experience in export sector; Kim Sora assessed that there are three key factors to catch the eye of foreign partners. That is a high quality product; Committed to on-time delivery and reasonable prices.
The reason the Japanese partner chose to import Kim Sora’s masks is because the product passed testing results from a world-renowned laboratory.
“Kim Sora’s medical masks are tested and pass many strict technical barriers; Obtain certifications such as:
ISO 9001:2015 is a standard system for product quality management recognized worldwide.
ISO 9001 standards for businesses that have an effective quality management system and meet common international standards.
ISO 13485:2016 is a management system standard applied in the manufacturing sector; trading in medical instruments and supplies.
FDA: monitors and evaluates the quality of food and pharmaceuticals whether they meet the criteria for import into the US or not.
CE: is a document indicating that the product has met health protection standards; safety and environmental protection according to European Union (EU) law and will be circulated in the European Economic Area (EEA).

When working with Japan, you must be meticulous
With famous partners with high standards like Japan; Kim Sora sees this as an opportunity to improve the capacity of the business.
During production; The Japanese side often goes down to the factory for periodic and unexpected inspections; to ensure the production process produces products of the highest quality.
At Kim Sora; Product quality is strictly controlled right f

rom the input material stage. Not only making the most of available domestic raw materials; The company also imports quality products from other reputable Asian markets such as Korea and India. Japanese partners require very strict documents; Origin of production materials.
Kim Sora Co., Ltd. is determined to be the leading manufacturer and supplier of quality masks; not only during the epidemic season but also for long-term development.

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