Why do masks come in many colors?

Medical masks, in addition to colors associated with the image of hospitals and doctors, such as white; Blue also has many other colors such as black, pink, gray… Why does this type of mask have so many colors? Let’s find out with Kim Sora!

Why do medical masks come in many colors?

With medical mask; On the one hand, it needs to be waterproof to prevent droplets caused by the wearer talking; breathing hard, coughing, sneezing… splashed from the outside environment and seeping into the mask; The other side needs to have good water absorption to absorb sweat; Make sure the wearer does not feel stuffy; shortness of breath.
For medical masks to be fully effective; People wearing masks need to wear the waterproof side facing out; The sweat absorbent side faces inward.
Medical masks are one of the protective equipment used at medical facilities; Therefore, you probably won’t find anything strange with white medical masks; color makes it easy to spot stains; symbolizes cleanliness; toilet. However; to help the wearer easily distinguish the inside and outside of the mask; Quick, no need to take time to look closely to wear correctly, medical masks are often made with a white inner surface; The outer surface is light green or white with green edges; When wearing, users only need to remember to wear the white side inside; It’s okay if the colored side shows out.
Besides; Among the common types of medical masks, there is also a gray type (gray outside; white inside) that contains activated carbon with adsorbent properties.
Reality; These colors do not have too many special meanings; but merely to satisfy users’ tastes; Especially young people want the mask they wear to match their outfit to create a “cooler” style; more personality, cuter… that’s all.

Is wearing a colored medical mask good?

Medical masks with striking colors appear; makes many people wonder with questions such as: is it good to wear a black medical mask; Should I wear colorful medical masks…
Can see; The reason medical masks come in different colors is often simply to help users easily distinguish the inside and outside of the mask or to meet customer preferences; The factors that play a decisive role in the quality of medical masks will be the filter layer material; Fabric material for making masks; production process…
So; As long as the medical mask you buy meets health-safe quality standards; have a specific brand and origin; The origin is clear and you clearly understand the principles for wearing medical masks properly, then you can use the product with complete peace of mind; Regardless of whether the mask is common white, blue, gray or fancy black, pink, brown, purple, yellow…
You need to be absolutely careful not to buy medical masks of unknown brands; origin, so as not to cause harm or negative effects on health (such as causing stuffiness, difficulty breathing, allergies, dermatitis, acne…) because the characteristic of the mask is that when worn, the face area of the mask is covered. You will come into direct contact with the mask, and you will have to breathe through the mask.
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